Industrial Bubble and Foam

Industrial Bubble Cushioning & Foam Cushioning in Rolls and Pouches
Ask about special perforation lengths and special roll widths

Bubble Cushion and Foam Cushion

Because packing your product safely for shipping is critical to successfully completing any sale, BlueRose Packaging is pleased to provide high-quality bubble cushion wrap rolls and foam sheets to safely protect whatever you need to ship. Our cushioning products are suitable for protecting anything you need to transport, from delicate china and crystal to fine furniture and everything in between.

We have anti-static treated products available to help you ship sensitive electronics and we can modify our cushioning products to meet your specific needs, as well as biodegradable material. Call us and we’ll help you get exactly the protection you need for your product SPECIFICATIONS.

Bubble Cushion Rolls

72 IN48 IN
72″ & 48″ STANDARD1/875045003000
48″ RETAIL1/85002000
Perforation12″ no charge. All others 10% surcharge
Minimum 6″
± 10% inch tolerance
Slitting12″ and over no charge
Min: 4″
4 ” – 6″ 10% surcharge
± 1/4 inch tolerance
  1. Roll stock can be slitted or made into pouches and sheets.
  3. Bio-Degradable bubble and anti-static available upon request.
  4. Colored bubble available upon request.

BlueRose Packaging Bubble Cushion provides superior wrapping, cushioning and surface protection. Whether you’re packaging fine china, electronics or furniture, our air bubble cushion tends maximum product protection regardless of the circumstances.

BlueRose Packaging Bubble Cushion Rolls has a wide range of applications. Depending on your needs, we can make it into pouches, sheets or slit into different roll sizes.

  • Material:Made from Low Density Polyethylene resins.
  • Function:Cushioning, void-filling, anti-abrasion, and interleaving.
  • Application: Protect light, fragile items, such as fine china, and electronic goods, and etc.

Our Eco-Cell Bubble provides wrapping, cushioning and surface protection for low-end applications.

We have a 3-Layered Bubble consists of a duo layered air bubble with another layer of polyethylene laminated to the top of the bubble. The result is a very strong cushioning and surface protection product that provides additional punctures resistance and bubble integrity.

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Biodegradable Bubble Rolls Wrap

Shipping Boxes and Supplies are a necessity for most business owners who plan to do some form of exporting to its customers. Shipping Supplies go beyond the limit of just Shipping boxes or Wooden Containers and Packing Tape. Bubble Wrap, Packing Peanuts, Styrofoam Blocks, Shrink Wrap, Cast Stretch Film, Cast Stretch Wrap, Cushions and Foam, even Heat Treated (HT) Wooden Crates. Shipping Supplies are used to keep products safe by absorbing shock and providing a Cushion for the products..

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Industrial Bubble and Foam

Industrial Bubble Cushioning & Foam Cushioning in Rolls and Pouches Ask about special perforation lengths and special roll widths